McGrath Systems Named #1 Executive Recruiters Contingency Search Firm in Philadelphia Region


BLUE BELL, PA, May 17, 2017 — McGrath Systems ranked number one on Philadelphia Business Journal‘s Executive Recruiters Contingency Search Firms list, recognizing McGrath Systems as the top recruiting firm in the region. This year highlights McGrath’s eighth appearance being featured in the top 10 in the last 10 years. In compiling this year’s list,… Read more »

Interview Like a Pro: Practice, Practice, Practice


Interviewing well is a learned skill. And the more you work at it, the better you’ll get! Just the thought of an upcoming interview makes most people nervous, but with practice, you’ll be ready to go—this can increase your confidence and calm your nerves. So as soon as you have an interview lined up, make… Read more »

Attracting Recent Grads Through Job Flexibility


Millennials are a hardworking generation and as colleges release recent grads into the working world, it’s important for employers to take heed of millennial values. This generation has never abided to the “children are seen and not heard” concept, and have grown up with social media—a stage to showcase themselves, their thoughts and their opinions… Read more »

Four Benefits of Temporary Jobs



Are you ready for something new? Maybe you’ve lost the spark you once felt for your current job—you find yourself dragging your feet on the way in and running for your car at the end of the day. If you’ve grown tired of what you do, you may find yourself bored, apathetic or even depressed…. Read more »

Are Your Employees Disengaged?


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Engaged employees are what every employer strives for. They get their work done and on time (or even ahead of time!). They have good attitudes, work well as a team and add to the positive corporate culture around them. And then there are disengaged employees. Employees who are disengaged lack that little spark they need… Read more »

Make a Temporary Employee Part of the Team


No one wants to be the “new kid.” And temporary workers may feel especially on edge because they’ll only be with your team for a short time. However, there’s no reason why your temp employees can’t feel just as much a part of the work family as your full-timers. And when you take steps to… Read more »