Planning a New Performance Review Strategy


Are your employees meeting company goals? How productive are they, and what is their overall performance? These are important questions to answer, since the quality of employee output impacts your ability to meet clients’ needs. It’s critical to build a performance review strategy, which helps you understand how well employees are delivering on their goals,… Read more »

Three Tips to Get New Employees Up to Speed Faster


Onboarding new workers is an important step in the hiring process. It will help your new employees feel comfortable with their job, learn the ropes and get started on the road to success! The way you handle the onboarding process can make the difference between an employee who knows their job and feels comfortable with… Read more »

Is Your Job Search Strategy Failing?



Are you looking for a new job and feel that you’ve done everything possible—but still no luck? It can be frustrating after you’ve interviewed, networked and searched, but still find yourself jobless. As much as you may feel like it, never give up! Your next job is out there. And you can strengthen your job… Read more »