Is There a Reason We Shouldn’t Hire You?


Pure and simple: no one is perfect. Many of us have a not-so-perfect track record that could potentially deter a future employer from extending a job offer. But when it comes to your past work experiences, honesty is the best policy. You don’t want to appear as someone who has something to hide—just the opposite…. Read more »

Interview Like a Pro—Familiarize Yourself With Your Interviewer


Want to wow your interviewer? Get to know a little bit about them! By discovering details about your interviewer, you can determine any common ground you may have. This makes it much easier to strike up a conversation and connect during an interview. And a good conversation will help you stay top-of-mind—even better if your… Read more »

Does Your Team Have a Skills Mismatch?


Does Your Team Have a Skills Mismatch? | McGrath Blog

Your team is only as successful as its members. To accomplish great things, you must have a balanced staff, including workers with the required skills to accomplish key tasks. However, the shrinking unemployment rate has made it harder for employers to fill vacancies within their companies—and this can lead to a skills mismatch. In other… Read more »