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Read testimonials from some of McGrath’s successful candidates in their own words.


The McGrath Systems recruiter I dealt with was a very detail-oriented professional who helped me secure my first job. He was truly concerned with my job placement and made sure my career needs were always his main concern. I plan to work with McGrath Systems in the future for all of my placement needs.

Contract Employee

I also just wanted to say thank you for all of your help so far. My experience with you has been much more enjoyable than any other recruiters I’ve dealt with. And I’m saying that aside from the fact that you actually found me a job and they didn’t. So…THANK YOU!!

Satisfied IT Candidate

McGrath Systems is a world-class organization. Everyone I dealt with from the recruiting staff to the administrative staff was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.

Satisfied Consultant

Wow, I definitely enjoyed the Career Fair yesterday and left with the impression that quality time had been spent in a very productive and organized manner. I enjoyed the process of meeting with you each individually as it allowed me the opportunity to provide more specific details about my career history and personal aptitude. Equally I hope the 1-on-1s provided each of you with ‘takeaways’ filled with valuable insight into me as a professional and how we may better work together. Thanks again for your organization hosting what I considered a very focused and positive career fair. Finally, I give special thanks your young ladies at the front desk; they did a wonderful job with trying to accommodate all the attendees with water, seats, sign-in assistance, and interview scheduling. They definitely met the challenge of the day!

Kion Bristow, Candidate