If you’re preparing for an upcoming interview—congratulations! You’ve worked hard and this is your next step towards an exciting new position. To prepare for your interview, it helps to practice answers to common interview questions. This way, you can enter the room cool, calm and collected—ready to deliver answers with confidence and grace. One of the most frequently asked questions is: “So… tell me about yourself.” Do you know what to say?

It’s an important opening to your interview and will help the interviewer get to know you. Still, it’s best to be strategic. This is not time to share your life story! Here’s what your interviewer wants to hear:

  • Details about your work life. Sure, it may seem natural to launch into an introduction of where you’re from, your hobbies and your family. But instead, start with a snippet about what you’ve been up to in your career; specifically what you were doing in your most recent job. You might even want to say briefly how you got into the field.
  • What makes you unique. Next, you can move into your strengths. What do you love about your career path, and what are you good at? Continuing your answer with a list of three to five skills that directly apply to the job opening is very helpful. Simply state what you’re good at (or what you love about your line of work) with a brief explanation.
  • Say why you’re excited about this opportunity. The interviewer will want to know why you’re looking to move on from your current job. Give a few details about what your plans are for your career and how the open position fits into your goals. It’s also good to note why you think you’d be a valuable addition to the company.

Practice makes perfect

Once you have your answer scripted, practice saying it out loud. You’ll find once you have the concept down, you won’t need to stick exactly to the script as long as you convey your key points.

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