If you’re looking for a new job, you may find lists of job requirements intimidating. But beyond having the right education (because this is usually not a compromise), there are certain qualifications employers may not worry much about. Why? Because sometimes being inexperienced for a position is an advantage to an employer. Here’s why.

  • You’re trainable. If you’re smart and a fast learner, an employer can mold you into the worker they need you to be. Also, you don’t come with any bad habits. Let’s say you’ve been working as an engineer for just a few years out of college and an employer is looking for an engineering manager. You don’t have management experience, but the employer can tell you’re confident and level-headed. Your lack of management knowledge may not be a big deal.
  • You’re eager to learn new things. Inexperienced workers aren’t jaded—they’re more idealistic, passionate and willing to try something new! This eagerness to learn and grow can be a huge asset to you—sometimes even more so than having prior experience.
  • You’re willing to help. Many times, employers are hiring because they’re short staffed and need more hands on deck. If you had been working in a role for a long time, you might expect to be hired to do a specific duty. But if you’re inexperienced, you’re able to enter a company from the ground level and try your hand at a variety of tasks—helping out workers in need, learning as you go and paving the way for a brand new role. This willingness to pitch in, despite any boundaries associated with a job title, is very attractive to employers.

It’s all about your attitude

Having an upbeat, can-do attitude in an interview can make up for inexperience, provided you have the basic education you need for the job. Employers are looking for workers who will add to the energy of their team with passion and positivity.

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