On your career path, it’s important to write your goals. Without them, you’ll just be bouncing around, unsure of what you want and where you’d like to go next. This may seem OK when you’ve just graduated college and are still trying to figure things out. But after a while, you’ll find you need a clear path to things you’d like to accomplish. Maybe you want to own your own company, earn your PhD, complete a marathon or make a million dollars—the sky’s the limit! But no matter what you’d like to accomplish, you need to determine steps that will help to get you there. And this is where written goals come in.

Written versus unwritten goals

When you write your goals down, it helps you to remember and commit to them. That’s right; the simple act of writing down your goal cements it in your head, with a permanent spot on your to-do list—until you can check it off as completed!

If you’re ready to start on the path toward your future success, just follow these four steps to map your goals:

  1. Dream! First things first: What do you want to achieve? Think big picture and long term. What do you want from your career? Don’t worry about setting too big a goal—you can always break it down into smaller steps.
  2. Measure! Once you have your goal in mind, figure out how to measure your success. This way, you’ll know you’re making progress towards reaching your goal. One of the best measures is time, but it could also be something like salary, courses completed, miles run or another measurable detail.
  3. Benchmark! Next, break your goal down into actionable steps and assign deadlines. You might choose six-month blocks, but these could be longer or shorter, depending on your goal. Be sure your steps are broken down far enough to be doable. For example, “Ace my midterm” isn’t as clear as, “Study every night before my midterm.” Plan to check your progress at the end of each benchmark and make adjustments if you need to.
  4. Celebrate! What good is working towards a goal if you can’t celebrate your achievement? To help yourself reach your milestones, plan a special treat for your successful hard work. This could be as simple as a good meal at your favorite restaurant or as elaborate as a trip to your favorite vacation spot. Only you know what motivates you to work hard!

Is your goal to find a new job?

Maybe the next step in your career plan is finding something new and different to challenge you! If you’re in search of a job you love in the fields of engineering, IT, administrative or light industrial, contact McGrath Systems! We’ll work with you to understand your career goals and help you on the path to a successful new placement. To learn more, contact us today!

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