Do you have an upcoming interview? If so, it’s important to practice answers to common interview questions. And as you master your interview technique, it’s a good idea to include some of the phrases potential employers want to hear. Of course, you should always be honest during your interview—but you can develop a “way with words” that cements your answers in the mind of an employer. Here are some key phrases you might wish to incorporate.

  1. I take responsibility for my actions and don’t pass the blame onto others. This answer is best for questions like, “Tell me about a time when you made a mistake” or “Tell me about a challenge you faced at work.” It helps showcase your maturity, professionalism and commitment to own your actions—the first step in improving your job performance.
  2. I can control my emotions and remain calm in stressful situations. This is important because not everyone can. Employers are looking for level-headed workers who can maintain grace under pressure and brainstorm solutions to even the trickiest on-the-job experiences.
  3. I always feel there’s more to learn about my job and career. The willingness to grow and improve is an admirable trait. It shows commitment, hard work and passion—all of which are qualities of the best employees. The more you learn about your job, the better you’ll be at it, paving the way for innovation and promotions.
  4. I’m very self-sufficient. Your boss doesn’t want to have to micromanage you. Plus, they expect that when you come to them with problems, you’ve researched at least one possible solution. Self-sufficiency makes you a much easier employee to manage and increases your value in the eyes of your employer.
  5. The experience and knowledge of my boss is important to me. Your boss should serve as a leader to you and even a mentor. Admitting there’s more for you to learn shows your flexibility and open-mindedness. And looking to your boss for help can also inspire her to be the very best. These are qualities of top employees.

Practice Makes Perfect

To incorporate these phrases, find common interview questions through a simple Google search and plug them into your answers. Then, practice interviewing with a close friend or family member. Your hard work and preparation will pay off!

Looking For Your Next Job?

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