Why You Should Focus on Employee Satisfaction


Your employees make or break your profitability and success. Why? Because they keep processes running smoothly at your company—and may even go above and beyond to make your business a leader among its competition. It’s important to help your workers get and stay happy at your place of employment, and here’s why.

Five reasons employee satisfaction matters

They leap out of bed in the morning, sing in the shower and arrive at work ready to achieve. As their employer, you can foster happiness and hard work in your staff. And you should, because satisfied employees:

  1. Are engaged and productive. When the human brain is happy, that person is energized, open-minded and creative. A happy person is thinking clearly, solving problems, offering solutions, working hard and accomplishing much more than someone who feels down in the dumps.
  2. Spread positive energy. Attitudes are contagious, and being around positive workers is like beaming sunshine on your workplace. When the spirit is up among your employees, people feel relaxed and more comfortable sharing their ideas. This helps your team develop new concepts, innovate and soar to new heights.
  3. Communicate better. Happiness is invigorating! It can aid in team collaboration when your workers feel included and uninhibited to offer their thoughts and suggestions. This can lead to brainstorming sessions and creative new concepts. Open and easy communication can also add to the growth and development of new leaders, guiding their co-workers to achieve.
  4. Maintain product or service quality. Satisfied, productive staff are more alert and focused on what they’re doing. This helps them avoid human error and maintain a high level of quality. The reputation of your business relies on the level of output you’re able to offer customers, so quality is extremely important.
  5. Stick around. If an employee is happy, they are unlikely to quit. So by fostering employee satisfaction, you can avoid the high cost of turnover and the need to find and hire new workers.

How to measure employee satisfaction

You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken. To ensure a high level of employee satisfaction in your workplace, you’ll need to measure it. You can easily do this with an employee survey—either annually or twice a year. Online services such as SurveyMonkey make it easy to collect and quantify results. Then, you must take what you learn and act upon it—maintaining the good and repairing the not-so-good.

In need of new staff?

Sometimes, employee satisfaction can go down when you’re working with a skeleton crew. If you’re looking for new workers, McGrath Systems is looking for you! We place engineers, IT, human resources, administrative and light industrial workers with positions across the country. To learn more, contact us today!


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