Interview Like a Pro: How to Connect with Your Interviewer


Lights, camera, action: Your interview is your time to shine! Your resume has fallen into the hands of a hiring manager and you’ve got what it takes. Now, your interviewer needs to determine if you’re all you seem to be and if you’ll fit well with the company. What’s your next step for a great interview?

One of the best ways to move your interview along smoothly is by making a connection with your interviewer. It helps the process become a two-way conversation, rather than question-and-answer. A good connection can also make the experience a lot less stressful, and even enjoyable. So what’s the best way to make this happen?

Ok, so you may not exactly end up chatting like old friends. But you can spark some conversation with your interviewer by using any of the following techniques:

  1. Get chatty at the very beginning. Breaking the ice can help you find some common ground with the person who’s interviewing you. Comment on the weather, your favorite coffee stop that morning, a sports win from the night before, the latest episode of your favorite show that recently aired… you’ll seem friendly and just may strike a positive chord with your interviewer.
  2. Listen closely to what she has to say. We all like to feel we’re being acknowledged. As the interviewer speaks, pay careful attention. Referring back to her comments during the course of the interview shows your attentiveness and helps you establish a connection.
  3. Mirror her behavior. Experts note that acting in a similar manner as the person you’re speaking with can help you feel more in tune with each other. So if your interviewer is bubbly and energetic, kick your output up a notch. If she is calm and collected, try to cool it down just a little. Of course, you don’t want to mask your personality, and it’s important to get a true read on whether or not you’ll fit with the company culture. However, mirroring behavior, if it feels somewhat natural to you, is a great way to get along with your interviewer.
  4. Ask questions. Don’t wait until the very end for questions. As you talk about your experience and the job prospect, ask questions as they pop into your head. It will show your interest and keep the conversation flowing back and forth.

Good Interview Technique Takes Practice

And it’s a 100 percent learnable skill. If your conversation feels a little shaky at one interview—don’t give up. You’ll get it just right with practice.

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