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An interview is a potential employer’s chance to get to know you. Showing personality—while remaining professional—is an important aspect for any job candidate. It will allow you to set yourself apart from other applicants. Plus, it will help an employer know whether or not you’ll fit into the company culture, which can make or break your success with the organization. So, how can you let the interviewer see your true self a little more clearly? It can be easy with five interview tips.

Put your best foot forward and help your potential employer get to know you through the following:

  1. Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident. Feeling good on interview day is important and can help set the tone for the experience. Based on where you’re interviewing, you’ll want to choose something that’s professional, clean and pressed and makes you feel confident while wearing it. In most cases, you can’t go wrong with a suit. Then, you can add a little extra personality with a fun tie, bracelet, lapel pin, etc.
  2. Find common interests. The beginning of your interview may feature some preliminary chit-chat in which the interviewer asks you how your week is going and to tell her a little about yourself. As you talk, you can draw the interviewer into the conversation by asking questions, as well. If you find a common subject that interests you both, it can help you ease your way into the interview and feel much more relaxed while showing your personality.
  3. Use stories in your answers and explanations. You can answer questions that start with, “Tell me about a time when…” with personal examples from your life and career. Everyone loves stories, and by peppering them into your interview, you make your answers more real while giving the interviewer a glimpse of who you are.
  4. Talk about your passions. These could involve your career path (bonus points if they do!), hobbies, goals, activities, clubs or anything else you do in your free time. Your interviewer will probably make small talk at some point during your interview, and this will give you a chance to tell her all about your love of animals and volunteering at a local animal shelter, the hiking adventure you had this spring, your summer league sports team, all the reading you do in your free time, etc.
  5. Don’t hide your enthusiasm. If you’re excited about this job opportunity, by all means, show it! Enthusiasm is a much-needed trait in the workplace and an advantage at any interview.

Preparation is key

It’s much easier to show your personality when you’re feeling confident, and you can build your interview confidence through preparation. Always take time to practice interview questions and answers with a family member or close friend prior to your interview date. You’ll be glad you did when you land an exciting new position!

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