Are you looking for a new job and feel that you’ve done everything possible—but still no luck? It can be frustrating after you’ve interviewed, networked and searched, but still find yourself jobless. As much as you may feel like it, never give up! Your next job is out there. And you can strengthen your job search strategy by trying something just a little bit different. Here’s what you need to know.

While seeking a new job, you can breathe new life into your search by trying any of the following:

  1. By simply signing up with a local organization that is near and dear to your heart, you’ll help yourself in several ways. First, you won’t feel stagnated because you’ll be actively doing something, learning new things, meeting people and putting your skills to good use. Plus, by meeting others, you’re opening up your professional network, and this may spark job leads. In addition, a volunteer experience, though unpaid, is still experience, and it will help you fill an employment gap in your resume.
  2. Talk to everyone. Beyond job fairs and networking events, you never know where you may meet someone who’s looking to hire a candidate with your background. So get chatty about your search—at family parties, in line at the grocery store, at your barber or hair salon—anywhere and everywhere! The wider a net you cast, the more likely you’ll be to find a job lead.
  3. Consider relocating. It could be that jobs are available but not where you currently live. If you’re in the right situation to relocate for work, why not expand your horizons through new surroundings? You’ll get a fresh new perspective, experience a different culture and increase your job opportunities—all at once!
  4. Call a recruiter. Staffing agencies are experts at what they do, and can help you gain insider access to unposted job openings. This can save you the time of hunting for job leads on your own. Your recruiter will want you to succeed just as much as you do, and for that reason will function as your job coach. They will help you perfect your resume and interview skills, giving you an edge and helping you land a new job.
  5. Try temporary employment. Even though you’re seeking a full-time job, temp work has benefits all its own. Similar to a volunteer experience, it will help you stay busy, learn new things and fill employment gaps in your resume—but you’ll get paid to do so. Plus, some temporary jobs can turn into full-time offers, so you may gain more than you were initially expecting!

Are you ready?

Your fresh, new job search begins today! Try any of these tips and be well on your way to an exciting new job opportunity. Your own commitment to success is the most important ingredient in finding your next job.

Looking for a recruiter?

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