No one wants to be the “new kid.” And temporary workers may feel especially on edge because they’ll only be with your team for a short time. However, there’s no reason why your temp employees can’t feel just as much a part of the work family as your full-timers. And when you take steps to be inclusive to all employees, you’ll increase morale, productivity, positive energy and the free flow of great ideas. Here’s how.

You’ll want to start “rolling out the red carpet” well in advance of your temporary worker’s new day. Consider the following:

  1. Inform your full-time staff. Employees can become suspicious of a “newbie” if they don’t understand why she was hired. It’s important to let your workers know a temporary worker will be joining them to work on XYZ project. They will want to know their jobs are not in jeopardy and no one is being edged out of the company.
  2. Set up the temp’s work space. There’s nothing more alienating than showing up for your first day and having to work off the corner of someone else’s desk. So be sure to have your temp worker’s desk or workstation set up with all necessary equipment. Gather all paperwork from human resources and have a temporary security badge ready until a permanent one can be made. It’s also a nice touch to have a personal welcome note, bottle of water, or company-themed item waiting, such as a company T-shirt, mouse pad, pen, etc.
  3. Make introductions. On your temp’s first day, be sure to walk her around and make introductions to anyone and everyone the temp may be interfacing with. This makes it much easier to break the ice, especially if the temp is on the shy side.
  4. Hold a social gathering. During the temp’s first week, hold a special team event where everyone can chat and get to know the temp a little better. This could be as simple as Friday morning coffee and donuts or a pizza party for lunch, or as elaborate as a team dinner or happy hour.

Your Effort Counts

The time you take to make a new worker feel welcome helps create the feeling of trust and caring between you and your employees. It also helps cement your business as a great place to work.

Looking For Temporary Staff?

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