A fun workplace and strong company culture are keys to attracting and retaining top talent. And most businesses today are doing what they can to build work environments that are both stimulating and productive. Fun atmospheres don’t create lackadaisical workers, either—in fact, just the opposite. The free flow of ideas that often come about in a more relaxed atmosphere can lead to a much stronger and more creative end product.

Five Ways to Build a Fun Corporate Culture

The key is fostering a supportive team atmosphere. You can help encourage creativity and idea sharing among your staff in the following ways:

  1. Be real. You don’t want your workers to be drones, and they expect the same from you. So avoid spewing the usual corporate rhetoric and focus on being up front and straightforward with your workers. They will respect your honesty and sincerity—and in return, you will win their trust. People feel more comfortable in a trusting environment, and that’s when their inner lights will begin to shine the brightest.
  2. Don’t keep secrets. Your top talent may have suggestions for ways to make the organization stronger—and how encouraging is it to work hard when you are able to make a difference within your own company? So keep your workers in on the big picture, ask for suggestions and implement good ideas, giving full credit where credit is due.
  3. Know when to say when. Everyone needs a break. So pay careful attention and step in when you can tell your team is dragging. A break for fun could include coffee and donuts, a lunchtime walk outside, or an after-work event to thank everyone for their hard work. You might also consider having a relaxation area employees can use to get away for a second. This could include TVs or video games in the break room with comfortable seating. Some companies provide ping pong tables, outdoor walking paths, or anything else that can help workers unwind for a second before they return to the task at hand.
  4. Pay attention to décor. An attractive office environment can be mentally stimulating for your workers. Choose pleasing paint colors and flooring, and choose a layout that feels inviting. Include natural light and plant life, with pleasing art and wall decorations.
  5. Encourage teamwork. Some employers argue healthy competition is just that—healthy. But it can create a sense of favoritism and resentment. Team wins are due to everyone’s hard work, so making an example of one or two employees by rewarding them for a job well done is not necessarily productive for the rest of your team. Instead, celebrate accomplishments together with a team lunch or dinner, happy hour, pizza party or other event.

Fun Helps Get The Job Done

A fun atmosphere can be much more mentally engaging than a drab environment. So amp up the level of fun in your office to add to employee satisfaction and productivity.

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