Post-recession, the demand for engineers has become more competitive. Of course, the best and brightest engineers will have a portfolio that shows their education, mathematical and technical ability, and experience. But beyond that, high-performing engineers must possess other important “soft skills” that make them great at what they do—and help them fit into the culture of your business.

Five qualities of top engineers

To find the best-of-the-best engineering talent, you’ll want to interview candidates for the following qualities:

  1. Engineers that have both technical depth and a wide range of interests are those who enjoy learning. This is important because they’ll be able to grow right along with your company, while contributing to a multidisciplinary team.
  2. The ability to collaborate will be helpful to ensure an engineer can work as a part of a team. Idea sharing is key to solving problems and coming up with solutions that outshine your competitors. Multiple minds can accomplish more than just one.
  3. To solve problems within an ever-changing list of requirements, the best engineers are able to come up with creative ideas and solutions. They’re innovative and constantly asking, “What if?”
  4. Level-headed. Engineers must be able to work under the pressure of tight deadlines, and nothing impedes productivity quite like a short fuse. The ability to maintain “grace under fire” is a noble trait that’s a hallmark of the industry’s best talent.
  5. When problem solving, an engineer’s first idea—or maybe even his second or third—may not work. But a job still must be done within deadline, so your brightest workers must keep their heads down and keep working until the task is accomplished.

Your recruiter can help

To find the best engineering talent in your industry, a staffing partner is invaluable. Recruiters have contacts throughout the job market, and can access both active and passive candidates. And working with a staffing firm that specializes in the placement of engineers will make it that much easier to find talent with the qualities necessary to thrive within your organization.

Looking for an engineering recruiter?

Look no further than McGrath Systems. We work with our clients to understand your unique staffing needs and place you with highly qualified engineering candidates that fit best. To learn more, contact one of our experienced recruiters today.


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