A hiring manager has a tough job—but so do you, as a job candidate. The hiring manager must fill an open position with a person who is qualified, will do a great job and won’t exit the company after a few months. And you must convince the hiring manager that this person is you—while a line of other candidates looms behind you. So, how can you deliver a killer answer when asked, “Why are you the best candidate for this job?” It’s easy if you stick to a few pointers. Here’s what you need to know.

How to explain you’re the perfect fit for a job opportunity

Your interview should be chock-full of all the reasons why you’re the best choice for the job. When a hiring manager asks why they should choose you, you have the perfect opportunity to spike out your very best attributes. Just follow these tips:

  • Brainstorm. Using your resume as a starting point, write down all your job skills, past experiences, how you’ve benefited past employers, and all the things that make you unique. Consider any of the following:
      • Industry experience
      • Both technical and soft skills
      • Education, training, certifications and licensure
      • Special awards or accomplishments
      • Applicable experience, even if it’s not in your professional life
  • Understand the position. Read up on the job you’ve applied for and the company in general. This way, you’ll be able to directly apply your strengths to how you can do a great job for this company, and in this new job role.
  • Choose three or four strengths to focus on. This is better than a laundry list of skills without explanation. So stick to your top three or four job strengths and how they apply to this job.
  • Get right to the point. The interviewer has a time slot to conduct this interview, so give him or her exactly what is needed to drive home your point. Keep your answer concise. You can include an anecdote if you’d like, but don’t dance around the subject. If you get too wordy, you may lose the interviewer’s attention and that is the last thing you want.

The well-rehearsed bird gets the worm

In other words: practice, practice, practice! The more you work on talking about your strengths, the more comfortable you’ll be during an interview. So ask family or friends to run through a practice interview with you in preparation for your big day.

Looking for a new job?

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