Every business experiences fluctuations. You may be entering your peak season, or need additional work hours due to a special project or leave of absence. But whatever the reason, you have a need to keep business moving as usual. One option is hiring temporary employees. In fact, you may find that hiring temp staff offers several advantages over offering your full-time permanent staff overtime pay. Here’s what you’ll need to consider.

Save money with temp hires

Your first step is to consult your recruiter regarding how much the staffing agency charges for its temporary hires. When you compare the cost of paying overtime, base salaries and healthcare benefits to a full-timer versus the cost to hire a temporary employee, you’ll probably find that a temporary hire will save you money. But that’s not all.

Nonmonetary advantages of temp workers

Temporary staff offer other benefits that can help you preserve your permanent full-time staff members. These include:

  • Preventing employee burnout. Overtime looks good on paper, but in reality, the human brain and body need rest. Excessive overtime work can be draining to your staff and lead to burnout—which doesn’t help anyone.  
  • Maintaining positive energy. Overworking your full-timers can also lead to exhaustion, decreased morale and decreased productivity. Temp hires allow you to spread out the workload, so everyone can continue to “whistle while they work.”
  • Reducing errors. Burned-out, overworked staff are more prone to error. So reducing the workload through temp employees can help you preserve the integrity of your product or service.
  • Saving time. Working with a staffing agency for temp hires makes it much faster to get the staff you need. This saves you the time of having to advertise, interview and hire new workers.

Find a great new full-time employee

Another benefit of temp workers is the possibility of bringing them on full time. If you’re working through a staffing shortage and find that your temp hire fits perfectly with your company, you’ve just found a qualified job candidate who’s already familiar with the position. What’s better than that?

If you’re in need of staff, we can help

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