Interviews are a type of sales meeting. That’s because the companies with the most talented workers achieve the greatest results, and all employers are in competition with each other to find and hire these top-notch employees. After all, companies with the most talented workers crank out the most marketable products, have the most satisfied customers and make the most profit. So it’s obvious that when you interview, you’ll want to look for candidates that are the best of the best. And in order to do this, you’ll need to sell your company to potential employees. Here’s how.

As you describe your open position and your organization to talented candidates, you want to entice them to sign on the dotted line and come aboard! Here’s what you can do to sell your company to a candidate:

  • Understand the position. Before you can describe the job opportunity and all its perks to a candidate, you’ll need to understand it inside and out. So be completely familiar with the job opening, what it entails, and what qualifications a candidate will need to fill it. Also, write a job description with plenty of detail and specifics, so a candidate will have a good idea of what they’re interviewing for.
  • Understand the candidate. What is a top-notch candidate looking for in a job and in an employer? And what do you offer that will motivate a candidate? This could include a competitive salary, plenty of benefits, flexible scheduling, a fun company culture, self-management, the potential for job growth, etc.
  • Understand your competition. What does your company offer that your competitors do not? You may need to do some research into your top competitors by reviewing their job postings and website. Once you know what your business is good at, you can highlight this to potential employees.

Consider working with a staffing partner

Recruiters stake their reputations on placing their clients with the best-matched, highly qualified candidates. After all, if you’re not happy with your recruiter’s choice, they haven’t done their job. Recruiters scour databases of possibilities that include both active and passive candidates—so you’re being placed with the best possible match. And a recruiter will determine a candidate’s level of interest in the position—so you know that when you’ve been scheduled with an interviewee, he or she is very likely to say yes to a job offer.

Are you looking for an experienced recruiter?

McGrath Systems can help. We’re a staffing firm that specializes in the placement of administrative, light industrial, IT, engineering and human resources staff, with a special focus on licensed insurance agents. We’ll work with you to find, place and onboard the very best candidate for your open job opportunity. To learn more, contact McGrath Systems today.

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