If you’re in search of a new job, one of your best options is to work with a recruiter. Why? Trying to find a job on your own can be time-consuming and stressful. A recruiter will work with you as a job coach, as well as a reliable source for great job leads. This can make your job hunt much more fruitful—so you’ll know that you’re maximizing all the time you put into your search.

Consider the following five advantages of working with a recruiter:

  1. You can craft a resume that employers want to read. Recruiters—especially niche recruiters—are familiar with your industry. Every day, they work with clients, so they know the skills and qualifications to spike out on your resume and cover letter to capture the attention of hiring managers. Your recruiter will help you put the polish on your documents so they’ll get noticed amidst a stack of other applications.
  2. Your resume will go straight to the hiring manager. Another great thing about recruiters is that they act as job matchmakers. They know what type of candidates will fit best with the positions their clients are looking to fill. When you fit the requirements, they’ll recommend you to clients—helping you to avoid entering a resume “black hole.”
  3. You’ll gain access to unposted job opportunities. Many jobs are never publicly posted because employers work directly with recruiters to fill them. That means that you’ll have a much easier time finding jobs through a recruiter—you’ll have access to a much more comprehensive database of postings.
  4. You’ll be confident and ready on interview day. Your recruiter wants you to succeed at your interview. That’s why he or she will work with you to brush up on your interview technique, so you’ll be ready to impress come interview day.
  5. You’ll have a better chance of getting hired. Recruiters stake their reputations on making good matches. So if you’re being recommended for a job, it’s because you have what a client is looking for. This can make it much easier to be hired than by applying for positions on your own.

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