With the Internet and social media, candidates have access to a wide library of information about potential employers. And when it comes to top talent, they’re interviewing you just as much as you’re interviewing them. To catch the eye of high-caliber workers as they shop job ads and scour Google for potential job leads, you’ll need to polish your company’s image. You can accomplish this by understanding what today’s in-demand candidates are looking for in an employer.

The top five must-haves for top talent

Your industry’s most coveted employees can move your company forward. But first, you’ll need to capture their attention. Consider the following five important things top talent searches for in a new employer:

  1. A product, service or company they can believe in. Our workforce’s freshest minds are a dreamy, idealistic bunch. Many of today’s workers are looking for a company that inspires them — one that is working towards the common good of mankind. Does your company help the community in some way? You’ll want to promote this to attract top talent. If not, you can show your altruism in other ways. For example, you can make sure your company is environmentally friendly, volunteers for charitable work or a worthy cause, etc.
  2. A reputation as the best — or close to it. The best employees want to work for the best employers. If your company excels or has won awards, let the world know on your website, through social media, etc. To become the best, take steps to improve your processes, customer service and product — and your good reputation will soon follow.
  3. An updated and fun work environment. Lively, invigorating environment are mentally stimulating to your staff. You can update yours with pleasing colors, interesting art, plant life, natural light, on-site food service and workout options, etc.
  4. Good work-life balance. Everyone is busy these days. Your employees have families and obligations that span outside your office walls. The more you can help your staff accommodate both work and their personal life, the more likely they’ll be to stick with you.
  5. A compelling “why.” With the advent of social media, employees want to work for companies that have a personal edge. So you’ll want to share leadership bios and the company story throughout your Web presence. This will help potential employees get to know you a little better and understand what drives you and your business in all its endeavors.

Are you in search of new talent?

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