If you were let go from a past position, it’s bound to come up during a job interview. That’s OK — it’s not a shot against you and your work ethic, it’s simply part of the screening process. So when you’re asked this question, don’t go into a panic. Remain cool, calm and collected by preparing yourself beforehand so you’ll be ready to face this question with confidence. Here’s what you can do.

How to explain being fired to an interviewer

Though it can be tough to get over being fired, it’s simply a bump in the road. Think of it as a learning experience that will help you grow in your career. Then, consider the following:

  • Honesty is the best policy. You should simply be honest about what happened. Your interviewer can get the story from a reference check anyway, so it’s best that they hear it firsthand from you.
  • Stick to the facts. It’s not a good idea to get into too many flowery details. Also, you shouldn’t share your feelings or opinions of the situation. It’s best to take the high road and never speak poorly of a past employer.
  • Frame it as a learning experience. In life, you can get better or you can get bitter. And using experiences to help yourself learn and grow is the sign of professionalism and maturity. A hiring manager will respect your honesty and your positive outlook.
  • Explain how you’ve changed. You can footnote your explanation by talking specifically about how being fired has changed your behavior, work ethic, etc. In learning from your experience, what specifically did you take away from it? Be thoughtful and humble about it.

Don’t let it get you down

Remember that not every job is a good match. By explaining yourself in a straightforward, logical manner, you’ll come across as the clearheaded, rational worker you are. And that can only benefit you in your job search.

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