Top talent is getting harder to come by. In fact, a recent survey from Glassdoor and Harris Poll indicated that almost 50 percent of surveyed hiring managers reported that not enough qualified candidates apply for open jobs. This lack of high-caliber applicants is bothersome, since these are the employees who can help set your business apart from the competition. To get a better idea of the value of top talent, it can help to understand what this group of workers experiences when applying for a job — and why you need to act fast when you find a top-notch candidate.

What makes top talent tricky to find

Technology and social media are what keeps the world spinning these days — especially for younger generations, such as Generation X and millennials. Unfortunately, if companies don’t keep up with technology, they can miss out on highly qualified candidates. Why? Because many of these candidates are looking to apply for a job in the most convenient means possible (i.e., through a mobile app on their smart phone or device). Also, social media applications allow a flood of applicants, which means more resumes to review, and some (even those of top talent) may fall through the cracks.

Turnaround time for top talent

Another factor affecting the elusiveness of high-caliber workers is the employment process and time to hire. First, it can take a long time to find a job. Candidates must search for openings, get their cover letter and resume tailored and ready to go, and apply. Then, once they’re called by potential employers, they may be asked to attend multiple interviews with multiple decision makers. This process can stretch out over months. So you can imagine at the end of all this, an applicant will be prepared to quickly accept a job offer.

Now, if that candidate is highly skilled and qualified, several employers may be interested, and the candidate may receive more than one job offer. After months of waiting, the hiring process can move quickly for top talent—usually completed within a day or two at the very most. If you procrastinate extending a job offer to top talent, you may very well lose your chance because they have already been snatched up by a competing employer.

What you should do

If you find candidates that are well-qualified for your job openings, it’s never too soon to make a job offer. By all means, take the time you need to be sure an applicant is right for the job. But as soon as you know, be ready to move quickly to bring top talent on board – before someone else beats you to it.

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