As you hunt for a new job, your level of motivation makes a big difference! It will help you stay focused on the task at hand—searching through job openings to find the right match for you. Your motivation will keep you on your toes and prevent you from settling for something you don’t really want, just to pay the bills.

As you look for a job, you may find the process a bit time-consuming or even frustrating. This all depends on your chosen field and the competition within it. One thing you can do to help yourself find a position faster and with much less stress is by working with a recruiter. Here’s why.

The benefits of a recruiter partnership

Your recruiter is a valuable resource in your job search, offering you many advantages over those who choose to handle this task on their own. That’s because recruiters:

  • Do much of the legwork for you. Do you really want to scour social media and job sites, review job descriptions and spend hours trying to decide which positions would be right for you? Probably not. When you work with a recruiter, they will take care of much of the “heavy lifting”—you’ll be placed with opportunities that are a good fit for you. This will give you much more time to prepare your resume and cover letter, and get ready for your upcoming interviews.
  • Find positions that aren’t advertised. Recruiters have relationships with many organizations throughout the industry. And many employers choose to fill positions solely with the help of recruiters, rather than relying on job postings. What this means is that the right position for you may be out there, but it may never actually hit the Internet—and a recruiter can help you find it.
  • Act as your personal job coach. Your recruiter wants you to succeed. That’s why he or she will work with you, offering resume and cover letter tips, and plenty of advice for how to ace your interview.
  • Get your resume on the hiring manager’s desk. On your own, you may find that when you submit your resume, you hear nothing but crickets in response. But partnership with a recruiter will generate a much different response. If a recruiter has recommended you to a client for a position, it’s because you’re a great fit. This will increase your chances of landing your resume directly in the hiring manager’s hands—and landing a new job.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to launch your career into its next phase, a recruiter can help you get there. And if you’re looking for a position in engineering, IT, Web development, marketing or clerical, McGrath Systems can help. We’ll work with you to find a rewarding new position that matches with your career goals and qualifications. To learn more, contact an experienced recruiter at McGrath Systems today!


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