In short, no. You want to establish yourself as a responsible, professional employee, so leaving your job with little-or-no notice can be a strike against your good reputation. Surely you don’t want to damage a professional reputation you’ve worked hard to establish — taking a little extra time to notify your boss before you move on is in your best interest. Here’s why.

Why you shouldn’t leave your job without notice

Following are five reasons you should always give a minimum of two weeks’ notice before moving on:

  1. You’ll hurt many people you worked with — other than your boss. Yes, if you “cut and run,” your former boss won’t be pleased with you. But people who are left with unfinished business won’t be very happy with you, either. This can include your co-workers, staff (if you were in a management or supervisory position) and anyone else that relied upon you at your place of employment.
  2. You’ll burn bridges. The workplace is not the only place where you may encounter the people with whom you worked, especially if you stay in the same industry. Giving plenty of notice will keep you in the good graces of your colleagues, making future encounters much more pleasant. Plus, when you leave a job too hastily, you’ll probably lose the reference. Depending on how long you’ve worked at your job, this could result in an employment gap on your resume.
  3. You won’t have the option of coming back. You can’t predict the future with 100 percent certainty, and as the saying goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. So what happens if the new job you’re leaving for doesn’t work out and you’d like to return to your old position, if possible? You won’t have that option if you’ve left on negative terms.
  4. You could lose money. Many times, when you leave a job, you may get paid for unused sick or vacation time. That is, if you leave on good terms. If you don’t, you may forfeit that extra padding in your final paycheck.
  5. You’ll blemish your permanent record. Sure, this only means your record within the company you’ve left. But what happens if that company is acquired by another business, and your records are transferred? It may seem like a long shot, but any precautions you can take to preserve your ability to be hired are well worth your time.

Take care of all your hard work

Don’t waste the time you’ve put in by leaving your job on bad terms. As much as it may feel it’s hurting your pride to stick around for just a little bit longer, it will be worth it in the long run. Your future career will thank you for your perseverance and professionalism.

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