Highly skilled, creative and motivated workers — the top talent in your industry — can set your business ahead of your competitors. This coveted group has a checklist of qualities they look for in an employer. And if you aren’t offering what they want, it’s likely someone else will. So to get your rising stars to stick around, it’s important to know what these in-demand employees want in an employer. Here’s what you need to know.

The top must-haves to retain top talent

According to a recent survey from Career Builder, an employer cannot simply assume that high-potential employees are also highly engaged. First and most importantly, you’ll need to pay attention to salary: 70 percent of top-notch candidates are looking for salary increases as a means of retention. But it’s not just about money. Consider the following to hold on to your staff superstars:

  • Rich employee benefits. Fifty-eight percent of survey respondents indicated that better employee benefits are important. These can include medical, dental or vision; paid time off; an Employee Assistance Program (EAP); 401(k); stock options; profit sharing or a wellness program.
  • Flexible scheduling. The option to work a flexible schedule was important to just over half of respondents (51 percent). You can implement this through varying shift hours, four 10-hour days with one week day off, work from home, etc.
  • Half (50 percent) of all survey respondents wanted to be recognized more for their efforts and accomplishments. It’s important to make your employees feel valued through simple verbal praise, or with incentives and rewards, and company-wide announcements.
  • Special perks. Making your company a special place to work is also important (26 percent of respondents agreed). Perks employees value can be anything from half-day Fridays or dress-down days, to on-site fitness options, daycare, company-sponsored lunches or other fun company events.

Help your organization build a great reputation

You’ll have an easier time attracting and retaining top talent if your business is viewed as a great place to work. By implementing any of the above, you can strengthen your company culture. In turn, you’ll be able to help ensure the success of your business as a place where high-caliber staff prefer to work.

Looking for new candidates?

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