The most-wanted, most highly qualified candidates are the cream of the crop in their industry. And they’re highly sought after by your competitors. After all, these are the workers who can come up with the best and brightest new ideas to move your company forward, and they can mean the difference between treading water or charging boldly ahead in your industry. So, what can you do to attract top candidates to your business and accept your job offer? All it takes is a few smart hiring techniques. Here’s what you can do.

How to bring your industry’s top candidates on board

Yes, money is a consideration for candidates—but it’s not the only thing. Employees are also worried about culture, benefits, opportunity for advancement, a convenient location and a comfortable work environment. To win over the best in your industry, consider the following:

  1. Find out what they’re looking for. The simplest way to do this is to ask during the job interview. What is the candidate concerned with and what could make a good job great? Based on the candidate’s answer, let them know what your company provides that could meet their needs. If your competitors offer much more than you can currently, take steps to improve your offerings to remain competitive. This could include strengthening your company culture, refreshing the décor of your work environment, or making your benefits package richer.
  2. Act like they’re already a part of your team. This is a technique frequently used by car sales people, but it works: the sales person speaks of the vehicle for which you’re shopping as if it’s already yours, giving you an image of what it could be like if it really was yours. The sales person might ask you where you’ll drive first in your new car, who’ll you’ll show it off to first, etc. To employ this technique with a job candidate, understand that they are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them. Be kind and courteous, and ask the candidate questions such as, “What project would you suggest first as part of our team?”
  3. Make a job offer early in the hiring process. It’s very possible that top candidates aren’t just interviewing with you. To beat the competition at its game, simply make your job offer early in the hiring process. This could be as soon as the first or second interview. The sooner you make an offer, the more likely the candidate is to accept. So gather the information you need and if the employee seems to be a good fit for your business, don’t drag out the process: Make a job offer to help secure your new hire.
  4. Give them time to make a decision. A rushed candidate could become stressed out and even annoyed. He or she needs to know that you are in this for the long haul and care that the candidate makes the right decision for their career. This is a significant decision the candidate won’t be taking lightly, and they will need a few days or weeks to reach a final decision. You can always check in with this potential hire on a regular basis to see what they’re thinking.

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