Getting passed over for a job can be disappointing, to say the least. You’ve gone to a lot of effort to perfect your resume and cover letter, prepare for and deliver a killer interview, follow up with the hiring manager … but sometimes you just don’t get the job. And that’s OK. What’s important is how you handle the rejection — you should always remain as positive as possible. After all, you want to maintain a solid network of job connections, not burn any bridges. Here’s what you can do.

How to handle a job rejection

Your best choice is to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and follow these top tips:

  • Be gracious. When you get the call or email stating the hiring manager has decided to go with someone else, thank them for their time and for the experience. If you have the contact information of the person who interviewed you, also send a follow-up thank you to them.
  • Don’t discount the company. Another thing you can state in your follow-up with the hiring manager or interviewer is to keep you in mind for the future. For example, you could mention that you’re still interested in the job opportunity and to give you a call if the person they hired does not work out, or if a similar position opens up at the company.
  • Be a source of information. If during your interview you were talking about industry-related information you said you would provide, track down the information and contact the interviewer with it. If you promised to provide an introduction to another person in the industry, you should still offer the introduction. It can never hurt to have multiple professional contacts, so try to keep lines of communication open.

Talk to your recruiter

If you’re currently working with one, always keep your recruiter up-to-date with what has happened. This way, they will be able to get back to the drawing board and set you up with another interview. If you’re not currently working with a recruiter, consider partnering with one. Recruiters only recommend you for jobs for which you’re a perfect fit, and this can greatly increase your chance of being hired.

Looking for your next job?

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