When you bring on temporary workers, the key to a successful experience is preparation. This will help you manage the expectations of your full-timers, who may feel threatened by or unsure of temp staff. You’ll also be able to maximize the experience and productivity of your temporary workers so they won’t be met with suspicion by your regular employees. By taking a few simple steps, you can make the experience easier for everyone.

Follow these tips before bringing on temporary workers

You’ll need your full-time staff to provide support and guidance to your temp employees. For best results, try the following:

  1. Practice good communication. Pure and simple, be sure to tell your full-time employees that you will be hiring temporary staff to help with XYZ project, provide back-up during an employee’s leave of absence, etc. Give your regular staff all the details they need, and ample time to digest the information and ask questions.
  2. Outline roles and responsibilities. Be very clear about what jobs the temp worker will have during their time with the company. If you need to shift responsibilities among your full-time workers, be very clear about that before the temp employee arrives. This way, no one will feel as if they’re being replaced or that their job might be in jeopardy.
  3. Ask what they think. Perhaps some of your staff need help with an upcoming project or support with one of their job roles, etc. After you’ve let them know your plans for the temp worker, ask if there’s anything they may need help with while the temp is with the company.
  4. Keep them in the loop. You can help your full-time staff get to know your temp on a more personal level by sharing information about the temp before their start date. This can also provide common ground for conversation. For example, “Kim graduated from ABC College with a degree in Information Technology. She traveled to Europe and Japan before starting with the staffing agency.”

Your efforts count

When you hire a temp worker, any steps you can take to help ease the potential worries of your full-time workers will be helpful. You’ll be able to keep your staff’s morale and productivity high. You’ll also be able to start the temp worker in a positive work environment, which will be good for their performance, as well.

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