Your company culture affects how well you are able to find, hire and retain top talent. After all, bright, creative workers don’t want to work in a drab, stifling environment. They’re on the fast track to many great things and will seek out companies that can provide a fun, supportive work environment that fosters growth and learning. If you don’t have one already, you can build a corporate culture that attracts the best-of-the-best, but you’ll need to take one important step first.

Understand what your company is all about

To begin to build your winning corporate culture, first take a step back and identify your who, why and what: Who is your company and what does it represent? Why is your business different than its competitors? What are the values and goals of your business? Once you’ve identified these company qualities, you can bake them into your culture and communicate them to your employees.

How to build a great company culture

With your why, who and what in mind, you can take the following steps to create a culture that makes employees excited to get up and come to work each day. Here’s what you can do:

  • Create a pleasing office environment. The best companies have office space that surrounds staff with positive energy, helping to stimulate creativity. Choose fun, vibrant colors and provide plenty of natural light. Include eye-catching décor, plants, and other decorations. Offer on-site food service and comfortable break areas. Other popular office touches include an on-site workout facility and daycare center.
  • Provide growth opportunities. Top talent need the opportunity to learn and grow. Support employees in personal growth with opportunities for continuing education, classes and other training. Allow them to explore different roles and responsibilities if they express interest. Encourage hard work and productivity by promoting from within.
  • Be flexible. Employees can benefit from flexible scheduling that allows them to balance their home life with their work life. Flexible scheduling or the opportunity to work from home is a great way to show employees you care enough to help them address all of life’s demands.
  • Encourage staff to learn from their mistakes. Employees make mistakes; it’s part of the learning process. As long as a mistake hasn’t caused a staff member to break the law, it should be treated as an opportunity for learning. Take the time to review the root cause of a mistake, and use it as a chance to improve processes.
  • Be a good example. As a strong leader, your staff should be able to look to you as an example of how things should be done. Let your attitude and work ethic reflect the company’s culture, and you will have staff that imitate this through their own behavior.

Hire employees who fit well with your culture

Once you’ve established your company culture, be sure to hire staff that will excel within it. To do this, let candidates spend time with people in key departments within your company. This will help candidates determine if the culture is right for them, and can also help you gauge whether or not a candidate fits within the culture.

Looking to supplement your staff?

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