You’re on your way to a bright future! As an actuarial professional, you have lots of opportunities open to you. This up-and-coming field features a job market where demand outpaces supply, so you can work towards new and different actuary positions that command high salaries. What is your plan for the direction of your actuarial career?

Work with your recruiter

If you don’t currently work with a staffing agency, now is the time to start! Your recruiter will have insider information on hot job openings and will work with you to understand your career goals and find positions that fit.

Actuarial career planning—best practices

In addition to working with your recruiter, you can take the following steps to continue moving your actuary career ever forward:

  • Talk to your employer. First and foremost, doing well in your current job will help you move on to your next job. Keep lines of communication open with your employer through regular 1:1 meetings (if you don’t currently have these, ask for them!). How does your employer rate your performance and what could you do to be even better at your current actuary job?
  • Keep an open mind. During 1:1 meetings, staff meetings and on-the-job experiences, try to pick up clues for what might be next for you. Take constructive criticism seriously, work to improve your skills, gather ideas about what you like to do in your career and what you might like to try for the future. Always be open to ideas that can help you evolve.
  • Never stop learning! As Dr. Seuss said: Oh, the places you’ll go! Whether by continuing your education, taking a course, or just staying well-read, the more you know, the more you’ll understand about your profession, what you might like to do next and all the ways you can expand your actuary career.
  • Network. Through social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, attending professional seminars and meetings, and just talking to people in your field, you can open up possible career moves for yourself. When you expand your professional web, you’ll increase the number of opportunities that come your way.
  • Form a timeline. This includes goals, plus dates for when you plan to accomplish them. Setting a career timeline for yourself will help you hold yourself accountable to your career path and what you hope to accomplish.

Looking for a recruiter?

As you grow in your actuarial career, you can benefit from the support of a staffing agency. Your recruiter is a valuable partner in your journey—and McGrath Systems can help! We specialize in actuary positions and can help you find a job that fits your career goals. To learn more, contact us today!


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