Good talent is hard to find! Not to mention the time and money you spend on the hiring process—from advertising positions and contacting potential candidates, then interviewing, screening and extending offers. As a result, hiring just the right talent can take months. So once you’ve located potential candidates, you want to see them through the hiring process, rather than lose them to other job offers.

Five reasons you’re losing candidates—and what to do about it

To smooth out and streamline your hiring process, it helps to understand why candidates are dropping out of the running in the first place. Then, you can take steps to turn things around. Consider all of the following:

  1. Slow or frustrating hiring process. The best and the brightest are most likely looking to be hired in a hurry. Pretty much any candidate doesn’t want to, and probably doesn’t have the time to, wait around patiently for a slow hiring process. You can speed yours up by knowing exactly what skills and experience a candidate should have to qualify them for the job, so when you find that person, you can make a fast hiring decision. And for candidates who don’t have what you need, you can help move them along to better-fit opportunities quickly.
  2. Poor communication. Once a candidate is in your hiring pipeline, keep in contact with them. If yours is a multistep process that involves phone interviews, video interviews and one or a series of in-person interviews, simply staying in touch with feedback about how they’re doing and next steps is vital. Never leave a candidate hanging if they won’t be moving on to the next step, and certainly not if they will be.
  3. Salary that isn’t competitive. Top candidates in your field will expect to be compensated as such. Be prepared to offer a competitive salary by doing your research to determine what certain positions commonly earn. And be ready to negotiate a candidate’s salary—have a number in mind you’d like to pay, and the maximum amount you can offer.
  4. Subpar benefits package. Medical, dental, vision, 401(k), wellness, profit sharing … all these benefits are attractive to candidates. Plus, it’s key to recognize that simply offering benefits doesn’t necessarily mean they’re viewed as good (for example, some medical plans are more affordable than others for your employees). Rich benefits packages are an attractive part of any hiring package, so take the time to review yours and make adjustments, if needed.
  5. Lack of cultural fit. Your culture is what’s right for your company, but if a candidate currently in your hiring process doesn’t feel they fit, you’re going to lose them to a company where they feel more comfortable. This is actually a good thing, and will help you avoid turnover down the road. However, it helps to improve your job descriptions (and simplify your hiring process) so you’re only attracting candidates that will mesh well with your culture.

A staffing agency can help

To help streamline and speed up your hiring process, and fill your pipeline with qualified candidates that fit within your company culture—work with a recruiter. This can save you time and money, helping you bring the right candidates on board, quickly and easily.

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