Actuaries analyze statistics to calculate insurance risks and premiums—and they’re in high demand! In fact, the demand for actuary professionals exceeds the supply. So if you’ve decided to enter this field, you may have an easier time finding a job than candidates in other, more densely populated fields. Still, what type of actuarial job would you prefer? When you find an opening you just can’t pass by, you’ll want to be sure you have what it takes to beat out the competition. And that takes the right skills.

How to be a hiring manager’s top choice

Once you’ve got the foundational education under your belt—which you’ll need to even be considered—it’s the soft skills that will set you apart from others in your field. These include:

  • Good communication. This will help you in any field. First, good communicators will almost always do exceptionally well at an interview—having the ability to “click” with a hiring manager and explain what makes them the best choice for the job. And on the job, those best suited to working collaboratively with a team are those able to convey their thoughts and professional opinions, but also thoughtfully listen to the ideas of others.
  • Independence. Problem solving is essential as an actuary, but you must infuse your own creativity to do it well. When faced with statistics to compile, it helps if you’re able to take a plan and run with it—reaching conclusions you can bring back to your team.
  • Teamwork. When it’s time to work together on projects or planning, your ability to mesh well with others is critical. This not only adds to the strength of your end product, but also the culture and atmosphere of your company.
  • Passion. Do you love what you do? Those with passion for their career path are attractive to hiring managers because they’re highly likely to be positive and productive—bringing energy, insight, motivation and growth to the team.
  • The desire to learn. Are you comfortable with the status quo, or do you strive to do more? The drive to continuously learn new things not only helps you sharpen your skills—it helps your company promote internally. This is often a top choice with employers, as it’s much more efficient to promote those already familiar with the company and its culture.

Work with a recruiter

If you’re looking for a new actuarial position or need help preparing for your job search, a recruiter can help. They will work with you to understand your career goals and find a position that fits.

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