In a perfect world, you would always have jobs you love—and nothing to share but positive work experiences. But unfortunately, from time to time you may find yourself with a job you don’t love—prompting you to move on to something new. So when you’re at an interview for an exciting new actuarial job, how do you avoid talking about your past work experiences in a negative way?

Three ways to positively describe past jobs

When you mull it over, it may seem like a past job had no redeeming qualities, but that’s not true. After all, here you are, on the path to something great! You wouldn’t be where you are today without the motivation you gained from your past work experiences. So, when your interviewer asks about them, you can give them the following details:

  1. What you learned. Instead of focusing on a past not-so-great job, keep the focus on yourself. What did you learn and how did you advance your skills? Talk about how you helped the company and grew in your career but needed additional challenges and decided to move on.
  2. How you changed. Negative experiences provide opportunities for learning. If you were faced with a difficult situation or co-worker (and this is a common question during most interviews), what did you to do rectify the situation, learn about yourself and make things better? How did you improve as a person and an actuarial professional as a result of the job?
  3. What you hope to accomplish in the future. Based on your past experiences, where are you moving towards in your future actuarial career? The past is in the past—you learned and grew—and now you’re ready to move on. What are your goals for yourself within the next year? The next five years? This is valuable information to share with a potential employer at your interview.

Keep it positive

The most important thing to remember when discussing past work experiences and employers is to keep the discussion upbeat and positive. Let bygones be bygones, and allow yourself to be excited for what the future holds.

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