You need the right light industrial workers to get the job done. If you’re currently working with a skeleton crew, this can diminish your employee productivity and output. Plus staff tasked with operating skilled tools and machinery can’t do their jobs adequately and safely when overworked. But what can you do when you need additional light industrial workers and can’t find talent to fill staffing gaps?

The value of a specialized recruiter

Staffing agencies—especially niche or boutique agencies that specialize in your industry—can help you find the light industrial workers you need. That’s because recruiters are experts at what they do. And specialized recruiters understand the unique skills and qualifications workers will need to excel at your line of business, making it faster and easier to round out your staff. They have access to both active and passive candidates to help you find best-matched talent.

Safety first

Your recruiter can help ensure you’re placed with talent qualified to operate the required tools and machinery present in your workplace. Your staffing partner will also conduct prehire screenings, such as background checks and drugs screens, to help you keep your staff and business safe.

How to find the right recruiter for you

For best results, it’s important to find a staffing partner you feel comfortable working with. You can do this by:

  • Asking for referrals from colleagues—who have they used and who would they recommend?
  • Performing a Google search for “light industrial staffing agencies”—and checking online reviews to see what others have experienced. Reviews are a valuable resource to help you sort through all your possible options.
  • Calling a selection of possible staffing partners—ask key questions about the services they provide and choose one that meets (or exceeds!) all your needs. Staffing agencies offer a variety of services from locating and interviewing candidates, to placing and onboarding, and everything in between.

Why to work with McGrath Systems

We specialize in the placement of light industrial candidates and will work with you to understand your unique staffing needs. We offer blended workforce solutions and pride ourselves on placing highly qualified candidates who also match your business culture. To learn more about our full menu of staffing services and to speak with an experienced recruiter, please contact us today!

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