June is National Safety Month—and for light industrial workers, safety is a workplace necessity. You can keep your employees safe and productive with a strategy that includes top safety recommendations.

Seven safety practices to enforce in your workplace

Consider incorporating any of the following into your safety regulations for light industrial workers:

  1. Provide adequate training. Only those employees trained to use specific tools and machinery should do so. Be sure to train new workers to provide all the skills they need to perform their daily job, as well as refresher training to keep current workers up to date on all safety precautions.
  2. Ensure a safe work space. Inspect your workplace weekly and perform regular maintenance on all tools and machines. Involve your workers in the process. By staying up to date, you’ll eliminate any potential safety issues from developing.
  3. Keep safety rules posted. Basic rules, such as wearing a helmet and protective eyewear, should be posted in areas for all to see.
  4. Keep an eye out for shortcuts. Employees not performing their jobs properly can run into safety issues. Keep a watchful eye for employees taking dangerous shortcuts and remind them of the need for specific procedures. Don’t let bad habits transfer to other workers.
  5. Involve your workers in safety planning. Since they’re the ones closest to the work, your light industrial staff may notice things you do not. Tell your employees to alert you to any safety concerns right away so swift action can be taken to amend the situation.
  6. Reinforce safety precautions. Remind your workers on a regular basis the importance of safety in the workplace. Be a “safety advocate” yourself and a role model for your staff by always following all safety procedures. Conduct regular in-services as reminders of the right way to operate tools and machinery.
  7. Work with your recruiter. If you currently work with a staffing agency to supplement your light industrial workforce, they may offer training opportunities for workers. This is a valuable opportunity to keep your workers’ skill sharp, or help employees attain new skills.

Looking to staff up?

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