Your employees are the fuel that keeps your company’s “pistons” pumping. So it’s critical to get the right talent in place. Good hiring decisions add to the productivity and positive energy of your team, and help move everyone—and everything—ahead. In contrast, bad hiring decisions can negatively impact not just one position, but the performance of other employees who interact with that position. This can lead to higher turnover and additional costs needed to replace members of your workforce.

Four ways to improve the quality of your hiring process 

You can find the right staff and keep your company’s future bright with these tactics:

  1. Rewrite your job descriptions. The more detail included in your job descriptions, the easier it is for candidates to determine if they qualify. This is a natural way to limit the number of applications you need to review and improve the quality of your choices.
  2. Ask for employee referrals. It stands to reason that hardworking employees are in contact with other individuals of similar caliber. Opening your hiring process to allow for referrals from your current staff is an easy way to uncover potential candidates who would match well with your company and culture.
  3. Hire internally. By promoting from within, you save yourself the time associated with getting to know a new worker and onboarding them with your business. Plus, the opportunity for advancement serves as encouragement to your current staff that hard work is rewarded within your walls.
  4. Work with a staffing agency. The hiring process is a lengthy one, and can take plenty of time away from the actual management of your business. But working with a staffing agency can save you the stress associated with finding, interviewing, screening, hiring and onboarding new workers.

Advantages of a specialized staffing agency

Specialized or boutique, staffing agencies focus on candidate placements in a particular field. They’re experts at finding candidates with the qualifications required to be high-performing employees within that field and add that much more assurance you’re receiving the right talent, every time. This results in more successful placements and helps you avoid the negative consequences of bad hiring decisions.

Why McGrath Systems?

We’re a staffing agency that specializes in the placement of engineering, IT, HR, administrative, light industrial workers and actuaries, and we’re ready to talk to you! We’ll work with you to understand your unique staffing needs and find talent that fits. To learn more, contact us today to speak with an experienced recruiter.


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