Your resume is an important document in your job search. But from time to time, it gets outdated. We get busy in our day-to-day work lives and things change, but we run out of time to document those developments. This spring, you may be planning to spring clean your home, your garage … even your car. So why not breathe new life into your resume?

Five ways to spruce up a tired, old resume

Where to begin? Just follow these five steps:

  1. Change to a chronological format. This can be a daunting change, but if you created your resume when you were fresh out of college, you may have structured it as a functional resume. This means you begin with a section that breaks out your skills because you didn’t yet have much work experience to list. If you’ve been in your current job role for a year or more, especially if you’ve moved around within your company, you can remove your skills list and replace it with your work history. Always lead with your most recent job, and work your way down to the oldest job.
  2. Edit your current job description. Has your role changed or have you taken on new responsibilities? Maybe you’ve completely changed to a different job title. If so, make changes to your current job listing—including what you’ve accomplished, how you’ve helped the company and why you’re doing well. Include numbers when you can, such as number of patients in your current caseload, amount of money you saved the company on a particular project, etc.
  3. Add education and training. Have you completed any in-services or on-the-job training, or taken a class for continued education? Maybe you learned a new computer program or how to operate a new machine. Add this to your resume in a “Skills and Qualifications” section.
  4. Don’t forget awards and recognition! Employee of the Month? Fastest Typist in the Company? If your hard work has resulted in any accolades, add these to your resume in their own section.
  5. Build your online presence. Consider the many platforms employers may look at to find candidates and create a strong, professional profile. These platforms may include LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, Monster, and more. As a candidate, creating these profiles is free and fast—especially if you base your profile on the content in your resume.

Looking for your next job?

When your resume is polished and ready to go, put it to good use looking for a new job. And if the warmer weather has you in the mood to job search, contact McGrath Systems! We work with qualified candidates for actuarial, light industrial, office, engineering, HR and IT positions, and we’re looking for you! To learn more, contact us today.

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