It’s never fun to get bad news after an interview. You worked hard to prepare, and you put in time and energy to do your best. So if you find out you didn’t get the job, it can hurt. But sometimes rejection is simply a tool you can use to get even better at your career. You just need to use it as valuable information and frame it up the right way in your mind.

Three ways to position rejection as opportunity

Turn your mood around and get moving toward a bright future with these tips:

  1. It wasn’t meant to be. Interviewers like to meet passionate candidates. They’re pretty good at determining who really wants this job and who just wants a Maybe you’re looking to get away from your current employment situation, but you’re not entirely sure where else you’d like to go. It happens! If you’re rejected for a position, just do a little introspective thinking: Why did you want this job? Maybe you’re meant to do something else—something you would truly love!
  2. Sharpen your interview skills. What did you do right and wrong during your interview? If you’re working with a recruiter, you may be able to find out why you weren’t hired (if you didn’t find out already from the hiring manager). Take this as constructive criticism for what you can do better next time. You may be able to work with your recruiter to improve your interview performance.
  3. Sharpen your job skills. Perhaps you were rejected because other candidates were more qualified. If this is the case, what steps can you take to learn new skills and gain the experience you need to move ahead? You can check with your current employer or recruiter for available training opportunities and other ideas for continuing education. You can also get an idea of skills you may need by looking at the qualification lists in job posts.

The future is bright!

When you work hard, you’ll find there’s so much you can accomplish. Just keep pushing towards your dreams and you just may surprise yourself with your success.

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