Job-related stress and overwork can lead to employee burnout. This is a serious problem as it impacts your workers’ health, but also your staffing level—and burnout can lead to turnover. To maintain a full, healthy and highly productive staff, it’s a good idea to help your employees avoid on-the-job burnout.

Red-flag indicators

How do you know your workers are edging close to burnout? You can tell when productivity and attitude start to dip. Other signs are when previously hard workers start to show up late, frequently call in sick and leave early or on time. If you’ve been working short-staffed, this is especially the time to be on the lookout for employees who have been doing too much for too long.

Four ways to take action

To swoop in and save your staff from burning out and leaving, what can you do? Just consider these four options:

Spread work evenly.

Every workplace has superstars, as well as average workers. Just because one of your employees can do more doesn’t mean they should always be taking on a larger portion of tasks. Be sure your employees have enough to do and challenges when you think they can handle them, but never more than is reasonable to expect them to complete.

Assign tasks appropriately.

Everyone has something they love and are good at. Let your workers’ passions drive what is assigned to them. This way, you reduce the chance of overwhelmed workers who feel ill-equipped to handle responsibilities.

Make breaks and vacations mandatory.

No one needs to “be the hero”—everyone needs regular 10-minute breaks, lunch breaks and time off to regroup, relax and refresh. Don’t let your workers skip breaks. This can add to decreased focus, more mistakes, lower work quality and eventually, burnout.

Staff up with temporary workers.

If you’ve recently lost workers or expanded your services, you may find yourself faced with a skeleton crew. To preserve your full-timers while you look for replacements, it can help to bring in temporary workers.

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