It’s important to stay ahead of your competition. This is especially helpful as you work to remain relevant in a job market that’s constantly changing. You, too, need to evolve! There’s good news if you’ve been in the working world a bit—you’ve built up the experience you need to rebrand. This is helpful because you likely have a much better idea of what you like about your career, plus the direction in which you’d prefer to move. So, how do you get started with the rebranding process?

Consider these strategies to rebrand yourself

In your LinkedIn profile, resume, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc., your new brand will come shining through when you do the following:

  1. Know where you want to go. This way, your rebranding efforts will be clear, controlled and straight to the point. And having a brand that’s easy to understand will make it easier for recruiters and employers to know how well you’ll fit an open role.
  2. Wield what makes you unique. This is well-established due to your job experience. What makes you different than others in your field and the best choice for the job? Reflect your unique qualities in your objective statement, skills list and possibly even your headshot.
  3. “Act the part” of the role you’d like to fill. The way you describe your qualifications and the strengths you highlight in your work experience should indicate where you’d like to go with your career.
  4. Highlight your new, applicable skills and experience. Draw conclusions between these and the role you’d like to move into. What have you learned, and how have you grown? What gives you more experience than those who have freshly graduated into your field?
  5. Ask for referrals that will reflect your current abilities. For example, if you’ve recently been working on projects that are more focused on the work you’d like to continue doing, ask for LinkedIn references from those with whom you’re currently working. These will populate as the most recent in your profile and help to highlight the new skills you’ve obtained.

Take the time to plan for the brand that fits you best

Review everything about yourself—what you know, where you’ve been, what you’ve learned and where you want to go from here. The more you understand about yourself, the better suited you are to sell your brand to others.

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