The job market can be competitive! When you apply for a new job, you may be one of many candidates vying for that same position. So how can you make yourself stand out from the pack to catch the hiring manager’s eye?

Three ways to show you’re the top choice

Good news—you can take steps to prepare your written and verbal communication and help yourself shine for a hiring manager. Try all of the following:

  1. Research the company. The more you know about the company’s mission, vision, goals and pain points, the more you can align your strengths and explain how you can help. Just do a Google search to find articles and press releases—what information is the company sharing and what is the world saying? It also helps to visit the corporate website and read the About Us page, plus any news releases you can find. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be!
  2. Customize your resume per job opportunity. You should never use a generic resume. Instead, customize your cover letter and resume to position yourself as a unique and advantageous candidate for the job. Write a catchy objective statement that ties to the job requirements. Pepper in keywords—you can find these by reviewing similar job posts on or In your cover letter, describe how your unique skill set can help the company. If you can, tie your skills the company’s mission and goals.
  3. Describe your strengths. When you’re finished with your winning resume, be ready to talk about yourself in the job interview. Be your own cheerleader—describing your strengths as they tie to the company’s needs and the job opportunity. How can you help, and why are you the best choice for the job?

Remember your manners

Another way to stand out is through your attitude and communication skills. Always be gracious—thank the interviewer for their time. Send a follow-up thank-you card to the interviewer and anyone else to whom you spoke during your interview.

Looking for your next job opportunity?

If you don’t land the job—don’t worry! The right opportunity for you is out there. And if you’re looking for an IT, HR, engineering, administrative or light industrial position, check out McGrath Systems. Our experienced recruiters are waiting to speak with you. To learn more, contact us today!


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