These days, you need an online presence to stay relevant and marketable. Employers, recruiters and hiring managers harness the convenience of the internet when in search of new talent. A lack of online presence makes it difficult for hiring managers to locate you, plus it may seem as if you’ve got something to hide. While building your online representation, it’s important to take a few key steps to ensure your reputation is a positive one.

Five ways to be an online superstar

Step by step, the way you build your presence will make it easier to find new jobs. You may even discover employers and recruiters are seeking you out. To do this, try any—or all—of the following:

  1. A professional LinkedIn profile. This is a must-have. LinkedIn is literally an online resume and it’s the first place employers and recruiters look for new candidates, often sourcing directly from LinkedIn. You can easily Google tips for making a bulletproof LinkedIn page; however, you’ll need a brief, punchy summary statement that introduces your personal brand; a professional headshot; a list of your past job experiences that highlights your achievements (with numbers, if possible, to make them measurable); and keywords used by hiring managers in your industry.
  2. A blog. Blogs are a popular way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your field. You can set up your own blog through services such as, and post articles on topics for which you’re intimately familiar. You can also author articles and post them to LinkedIn.
  3. Participate in group conversations. Another feature of LinkedIn is the opportunity to share your thoughts and experience in career-related discussions. Simply join groups, read conversations, and post your thoughts and ideas. This helps you network and shows you know your stuff.
  4. Clean up your Facebook page. When hiring managers search for you online, they also look at your personal social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter. These often appear at the top of Google searches. Be sure you have nothing embarrassing on your pages, such as inappropriate or offensive photos, and negative or polarizing posts. Take a look through your page and delete anything that may paint you in a negative light.
  5. Twitter conversations. It’s fast and easy to participate in a Twitter conversation. Take a look at what’s trending, or search for topics related to your field. Then—jump in and network! Talk to others and offer suggestions when you can. It’s another opportunity to highlight your professional knowledge and experience.

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