Many employees fear change because they are comfortable with how things are. When you introduce an upcoming change, you may be met with resistance—irritability, anger and suspicion are all common. So, what can you do to help your employees embrace change and even look forward to it?

Five pro tips for easier transitions

As an organizational leader, your employees look to you for strength. You need to be the guiding force that shapes their attitudes about the vision and mission of your business. It’s all in how you present changes to your staff that makes the difference in their acceptance of your message. Here’s what you should do to make change easier for your workers:

  1. Introduce the change and give staff time to react. No one feels good about information that’s dropped on them at the last minute. Well in advance of the change, explain to your staff what’s happening. You want them to understand what will be different, but most importantly, how the change will benefit them—making their jobs easier and better than ever before.
  2. Tailor your message to your audience. Different layers of your organization will be affected by your change in diverse ways. When you present the change to your employees, break them into smaller groups. Then, tailor your message to explain the specific benefits to that group. The added advantage of presenting to smaller groups is it’s more personal. Your workers will feel closer to you as a leader and to the message you’re delivering.
  3. Provide adequate training. You want all workers impacted by the change to be ready for it. To do this, provide all the training workers will need to be able to smoothly transition to the new way of doing things. This could include in-services, hands-on training and follow-up reference materials or other resources.
  4. Be enthusiastic and walk the walk. Your staff’s buy-in is heavily influenced by you as their leader. It’s important to show your enthusiasm about the change and all the ways it will benefit the company. Even if you’re lukewarm on the reason for the change, be genuine and positive. Explain that even though you, too, had questions, you’re confident in this new direction.
  5. Be available to answer questions. Your staff may feel apprehensive and have plenty of questions as they get used to this new way of doing things. For that reason, you’ll want to be on hand to answer any questions your workers may have.

Give it time

Often, it just takes time for employees to get used to changes, especially major ones that have to do with organizational structure. But stay confident and strong. Your workers are looking to you to lead them, even if they don’t realize it. By using these five techniques, you can introduce change and help your staff embrace it.

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