It’s a great feeling to love your job! Your recruiter has worked with you to find a temp placement that matches your career needs. And if you like your current assignment, co-workers and company culture, you may not want to leave. So what do you if you’d like to stick around a little longer… or even stay with the company for the long haul?

The good news is employers often hire temporary employees when in search of full-time hires. That’s because hiring a new employee full time is a big commitment. Working first with a temp worker helps an employer get to know you and what you’re all about before extending a job offer. So the possibility of a more permanent role with the company could be on the horizon if you mesh well with the staff, culture and job role.

Five ways to transition from temp to full time

If you wish to make your current temp job a more permanent thing, you can take these steps to impress your employer:

  1. Work hard. Embrace the role you’re in. Ask questions, demonstrate your passion to learn and ask for more to do if you feel you can accommodate it. Be 100 percent reliable and accountable for everything you do. Stay positive. This is your time to shine!
  2. Meet people. Networking is everything. Get to know your employer and all the people with whom you interact. The better the staff knows you and your skills and work ethic, the easier it is to recognize whether you’re a good fit for the organization.
  3. Ask what the plans are for the future of your job. It’s a valid question. Find out if long-term employment is a possibility. If not, you can still talk with your manager to see what other positions could be open in the company if it’s a place you think you’d like to stay.
  4. Keep track of your accomplishments. This way, when it’s time to review your performance, you’ll have solid evidence of what you contributed. This could include metrics, compliments from co-workers or a list of completed projects.
  5. Keep it fresh. As an impartial “outside” observer, you may notice things other full-time employees overlook. Work that angle! What new and different ideas can you bring to the role? Your fresh perspective might make a difference.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again

If you aren’t successful at landing full-time employment at this temp job, that’s OK. Work with your recruiter for your next assignment, and employ the above techniques again. In the end, it will be worth your commitment when you find a full-time job you love.

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