There’s only one you! So, during your interview, it’s important to be yourself and shine like the bright star you are! In other words, don’t give answers you think your interviewer wants to hear. Instead, answer honestly and be yourself.

Why honesty is important during a job interview

Interviews push most people outside their comfort zones as it is. But trying to act like someone you’re not will force you further outside the zone, and it will be obvious to your interviewer (unless you’re a highly skilled actor). But regardless of how well you can pull off a “personality deception,” it won’t help you in the end, because you’ll have to stay in character forever if you’re hired. Most likely, you’ll come off as insincere. Plus, forcing yourself to act like someone else is no fun—and being authentic will help you find your perfect job!

Interview questions that showcase your uniqueness

To set yourself apart from the pack, your answers to the following questions should be uniquely you:

  • So, tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want this job?
  • What made you enter this field?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What is your greatest strength/weakness?

As you probably know, even when answering as yourself, there are right and wrong ways to set up the answers to these questions. To learn more, a simple Google search of “common interview questions and answers” will help.

Other ways to stand out during your interview

Consider any of the following to really wow your interviewer:

  • Be confident. Be proud of who you are! Be friendly and treat your interviewer as a person with whom you’re having a conversation.
  • Be human. It’s OK to admit vulnerability and failure—as long as you describe what you learned from past experiences and how they helped you grow.
  • Be passionate. Do you love your career path? Say so! It’s important to hire people who love what they do—it shows through in their work.
  • Be grateful. Thank your interviewer for their time. If you’re excited about the job opportunity and the company—let them know. Gratitude and enthusiasm are desirable traits!

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