It’s tough being the new kid! But this is something temporary employees must deal with on a regular basis—getting to know new co-workers, new surroundings and a new job. Though temporary employees get used to the regular flux of new positions, you can still take steps to help ease their transition to your company.

The value of inclusion

Employees who feel included are more productive at work—they feel more comfortable and are more likely to offer their ideas and hard work. So by rolling out the red carpet to your new temps, you can also get the most from your staffing investment!

How to include your temporary staff

They’re part of your team—at least for the short term. You can take these steps to help your temps feel welcome:

  • Make introductions. On their first day, take a few moments to bring your temp around to meet all the employees with whom they’ll interact. This can go a long way to help your temporary workers settle in. Then, be sure to remember your temp’s name!
  • Get their workspace ready. Just like any other employee, having a temp’s workspace ready to go on day one sends the right message: We need you and want to help you do your best! This includes a computer, phone, pens, paper, software and anything the temp will need to do their job.
  • Give welcome gifts. A handwritten note and small item, such as a coffee mug or reusable water bottle, is a perfect way to help a temp worker feel at home on your team.
  • Include them in meetings. You ARE paying your temp for their professional opinion, so why not ask for it? Temporary employees are employed for their skills and experience, so including them in meetings just like other staff members allows you to benefit from everything they know!
  • Provide educational opportunities. Though they’re with you for a limited time, your temp workers can still benefit from on-the-job training required to do their job.

Looking for permanent new workers?

The benefit of temporary workers is you can get to know them and their skill set through firsthand experience. This can make it an easy transition if you’re in search of filling a roll with a full-time permanent placement. So all your efforts to help your temps feel at home can be the first step on the road to a talented new employee!

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