During your interview, it’s key to be focused on the task at hand! And you can help your focus remain laser-sharp by preparing to deliver a killer interview. Plus, there are some steps you can take during your interview to ensure your focus is never broken. Here’s what you need to know.

It takes a little pre-interview prep plus attention to detail on the big day. To be ready to go, do the following:

  • Be prepared. Always review your resume the night before your interview. You want to be ready to discuss any details about your experience. Plus, it’s good to be ready with a few key points you want a potential employer to take away from their conversation with you. Choose two or three talents you want your interviewer to remember about you.
  • Have a coffee. If you’re a coffee drinker, a cup of joe can help you get ready for your interview. Just a little caffeine can be a big boost in remaining alert and focused! (Just don’t go overboard—too much can lead to the jitters.)
  • Set your phone to silent. Or better yet, turn it off. The outside world can wait during your interview. It’s a stepping stone towards your future; treat it as such.
  • Pay attention. Be careful not to let your mind wander while your interviewer is speaking, especially when describing the role and job responsibilities. This way, you can determine what questions you want to ask. You might even bring a notepad and pen with you to jot your thoughts down.
  • Be positive! One key factor in staying focused is being in a great mood! Enter your interview on a happy note—you’ve worked hard and prepared for this, so be proud of yourself. You’re a talented, qualified candidate!

Don’t forget to follow up

After your interview, follow up is important to stay top of mind! So be sure to reach out by email or “snail mail” to each person who interviewed you. If you weren’t able to get their contact information during your interview, you can always call and get this from the receptionist.

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