Your employees drive the success of your business. They’re what keeps the wheels turning, and it’s important they’re loyal. Why? Because your employees are your brand ambassadors. They broadcast your company vision and mission to your customers and each other through their work, words and actions. What you stand for in-house and in the market is driven by how much your employees believe in you.

How to build loyalty

The best companies in the industry are backed by the loyalty of their workforce. How can you build a strong and loyal following among your staff? Try any of the following:

  • Talk to your staff regularly. You represent the mission of your company, and when employees feel in touch with the person behind the business, it helps instill loyalty. Hold regular meetings and let them in on future company plans—both short and long term. Insight supports investment in the business for your workers.
  • Walk the walk. It’s essential to live your company’s values if you expect your workers to do the same. What is your company about? Is it wellness? Good will? Great customer service? Do what you tell your workers to do, and their loyalty will soon follow.
  • Take good care of your workers. Today’s workforce is looking for perks and benefits. Industry-paced pay, robust benefits, events, comfortable office surroundings, PTO, 401(k), profit sharing, dress down, work-life balance … whatever you can do to create the best possible working conditions will encourage employee loyalty to your business.
  • Be an employer they look up to. Your staff wants you to lead them. And you can earn their loyalty through your actions as a strong leader. Your employees always have you in their sight!

How to measure loyalty

Once you have processes in place, how do you know if your efforts are working? It’s important to measure your staff loyalty on a regular basis. You can do this by asking them through company surveys, a suggestion box or a dedicated inbox for comments and questions. You might also consider creating an employee engagement committee to help build loyalty through activities and events—but who can also keep their eyes and ears open for signs that employee loyalty could be improved.

Looking to increase your staff?

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