The job market can be fierce! Gone are the days when employees stayed in one job for their entire career. The opportunity to learn and grow has many of today’s workers moving from job to job every few years. Since it takes time and money to locate top talent, when you find them, you want them to stay and help your company do great things. Avoiding chronic “job hoppers” is one of the safest ways to avoid costly turnover. So how can you identify a candidate who lacks commitment before it’s too late?

You can get a good idea of a candidate’s potential longevity with your company by looking for the following red flags:

  1. Short tenures in past jobs. Keep in mind there are a few considerations here—but for the most part, a candidate with stints of a year or less at past jobs isn’t likely to stick around at your company. However, it helps to ask a few questions to learn a little more. If the candidate is a recent grad, they may have worked a few odd jobs while looking for a professional placement, OR they could have erroneously listed internships as past jobs on their resume. Also, candidates with short tenures during our recession from 2007–2010 could have been laid off and working temporary jobs to pay the bills. Talk to the candidate before you reach your decision.
  2. A negative attitude. It’s usually best to steer clear of candidates who have nothing good to say about the reason they moved on from past positions. A candidate who blames their job changes on management or company policies, for example, rather than the desire to develop their career, earn more or try something new, is likely NOT an employee with long-range plans for your company.
  3. No long-term goals. One perfect interview question to ask is, “Where do you see yourself in a year? How about five years?” Candidates who have done their homework are interested in the position they’ve applied for and your company in general. You can bet they’re looking to expand their career, develop their talents and grow with your business.

What happens when you’re wrong?

It’s impossible to predict with 100 percent accuracy what a candidate’s future with your company will be. Sometimes, you make a hiring decision only to have to rehire in another year. It happens. But you can reduce the possibility of turnaround by fully vetting a potential hire with these three tips.

Want to reduce turnover even further?

By working with a recruiter, you can help ensure the fit of your candidate placements—further reducing the chance of turnover. And McGrath Systems can help! We’re experts placing employees in the fields of IT, human resources, engineering, light industrial and administration. To learn more about our available staffing services, contact us today!

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