Looking for new hires in 2017? The economic landscape remains stable overall, though it is smiling slightly on those looking for new employment in the new year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports as of November 2016, the unemployment rate decreased 4.6 percent, and the number of people without jobs also decreased by 387,000. Also, hourly earnings and median household incomes both increased. In short… companies have been hiring. This positive news is a motivator for candidates out of work or looking for something new and different. But with hiring slightly on the rise, employers may be challenged with vying for the attention of candidates shopping for new jobs. And that’s not all.

Employee retention

Industry speculation has shown one of the biggest challenges facing employers in 2017 will be employee retention. Why?

It’s no secret companies are hiring. However, Forbes reports a breakdown between recruitment strategies and human resources. Companies have become solely focused on developing their recruitment strategy—branding, onboarding and the hiring process. However, without a solid plan for employee retention, you may find yourself in search of more candidates than you originally planned on.

Your recruiter can help

First and foremost, you need to attract candidates with the “right stuff.” When candidates are qualified and best-fit for a position, your chances of long-term employment—and avoidance of short-term turnover—are much better. Plus, working with a recruiter, you’ll gain access to a deeper candidate pool—from those actively searching for employment to those passively standing by. Your recruiter will work with you to understand what candidates need to thrive with your company and will greatly increase your chances of finding the right talent.

Build your retention plan

Your recruiter will help you find the talent you need, use refined negotiation techniques and get the right people on board at your company. But it’s up to you to keep them there. Work with your human resources department to build a company culture of opportunity, advancement, diversity, learning, growth and fun:

  • Promote from the inside first.
  • Offer incentives and rewards for hard work.
  • Openly praise accomplishments.
  • Provide training and educational opportunities.
  • Connect workers with job coaches and mentors.
  • Conduct holiday events and special gatherings.

You’ll find that just a few changes can make a big difference in helping you retain the staff you’ve worked hard to find.

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